During the third lockdown the school is currently open to the children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils (by invitation) only. All other children should attend remote learning from home.

All lessons are being delivered as live lessons to all pupils daily, whether at home or in school, via a blended learning process.

For Years 1 to 6 the school uses Google Classroom to communicate with children home schooling, and holds live lessons on Google Meet.

All children at home, providing they are well, are required to attend remote learning and this is monitored on a daily basis by the teaching staff and if necessary, the Senior Leadership.

How to access Google Classroom from home:

Please follow the below instructions to access your child’s account:

1)Open a browser (preferably Chrome).

2)Go to www.google.co.uk

3)On the top right corner, find the account icon.

 sign in              sing in 3

4)Click ‘Sign In’.

5) If you have an account already, click on the letter (or icon) and choose ‘Add another account’ to add your child’s account.

6) Use your school login username (ending in .314) along with @limetree.info
For example: user025.314@limetree.info (Your individual child's account details are on inside the cover of their planner)

7)Use your school password.

8) Once you login, click on the Apps icon.


9)Find Classroom (you might need to scroll down or click ‘More’)


10) Choose your classroom.

11)If there are no classes to choose from, select the + icon on the top right, and press “Join Class”. Input the Class code as your class teacher has given it.


You can now use your Google Classroom as normal.

To join a Google Meet click on the class name on the left hand side, and either click on the link under the class name or find the link in the communication from the teacher in the below chat section. You will then be transferred to the Google Meet page. You will then click on the Join the Meet button at the given time.

All  Nursery children are now invited to come in to Nursery and parents can view what their child is taking part in on Tapestry.

Reception children learning from home are also using Tapestry.  Please click on the attached link to see how to access:

Tapestry Account Access

The following websites can support your children learning from home:






https://www.natgeokids.com (National Geographic Kids)

https://www.nhm.ac.uk/ (Natural History Museum)