Lime Tree offers morning nursery sessions - 15 hours a week - 8.30-11.30am five mornings a week. These sessions are fully funded by the government from the term after children turn 3 years old.

During the session children will engage in experiences and activities planned around their interests to move them on to the next step in their learning. As part of the school ethos of ‘healthy body, brain and heart ‘children have an exercise session every day and try a range of healthy foods at snack time. The children are encouraged to learn outside and inside and use all of the school’s facilities to give them a successful foundation for learning.

Morning session: 8.30am-11.30am

Nursery Admissions

Please consult the Kingston Borough website on to find out more about Nursery Education in Kingston . The website provides you with full information about the different types of nursery education available as well as when and how to apply for a nursery place.

Alternatively, please click on the below link to access the Nursery education in Kingston booklet:

Nursery education in Kingston schools

The school has one main intake in September, although if there are any places available during the year they will be allocated for a January and post-Easter start date based on the standard admissions criteria. Children are eligible for a nursery place the term after they turn three years old.

Nursery open events have now finished and unfortunately it is not possible to do individual visits on an adhoc basis. If your child is offered a place then we will be able to offer a visit at that time.

The deadline to apply for main intake has now passed. Parents offered a place will be contacted by post or email by the end of the Easter holidays.

Our admissions' criteria:

  1. Looked after children and previously looked after children
  2. Children with a sibling in the school at the time of admission
  3. Children with exceptional family, social or medical need
  4. Children in order of proximity from the school to their home

If you would like your child to go on the waiting list please fill in and return the Nursery Admissions form below. This form is also available from the school office.

Nursery Admissions form

Completed forms should be returned to the school office or via

Headteacher's welcome letter for parents of children with offered places