This month we have been focusing our learning around the questions ‘Where in the World am I?’.

In Literacy, we have been exploring the book ‘Traction Man’. We learnt all about his many adventures and how he came to meet his trusty side-kick, Scrubbing Brush! We put ourselves into Traction Man’s shoes and thought how he would be feeling throughout the story – especially when he received his knitted green suit from Granny for Christmas. We ended by predicting what adventures Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush would go on next.

In Mathematics, we have been learning how to add and subtract using our knowledge of number bonds to tens, which then helped find our number bonds to twenty. We used concrete resources to make bar models and arranged two parts to make a whole. More recently, we used number lines and jottings to add and subtract numbers.

In Science, we have been exploring our five senses This included tasting some yummy fruit. We discussed the best ways to collect a large amount of items and how we could find out who could hold the most. We drew around our hand and used rulers to measure our hand span. We then made a predication on who we thought would be able to hold the most in their hands.

In History, we have looked at our past and present. We created time lines to show significant events that happened when we were born and also considered where and what we could be doing in the future 2019.

In DT, we planned and designed stick puppets that reflected who we might be in the future. Our designs considered how we would attach and join materials together. We used our imagination, and were very creative. We thought about becoming superheroes and created capes and logos for our superhero stick puppets.