This month we have been focusing our learning around the questions ‘What makes a good craftsman?’.

In Literacy, we have read and explored the book “Egg Box Dragon”. It is all about a girl, named Emma, who creates a dragon that turns out to be fantastic at finding things! He even helps The Queen find her missing diamond! We worked really hard with our writing to make sure we were using some fantastic adjectives.

In Mathematics, we have learnt all about time and how to tell if it is o’clock or half past. We know where the minute and hour hands need to be.

In Science, we have been learning all about different materials and their properties, for example waterproof, rough, smooth and bumpy. This will come in useful when we come to make our own toys in Spring 2.

In Geography, we have been learning all the seven continents. We looked at maps and globes to find out where they all are, what countries are in them and we listened to different music from the different places.

In Art, we have been designing toy packaging ready to make the toys after half term.