Year 3 September 2018 Learning

Literacy: The first text we studied was Gregory Cool, we studied the moral, social and personal differences in the story. This allowed us to create an alternative tale of the original story. The children enjoyed this learning with many wonderful alternative tales being written. To finish off September we studied Kenning poems. We studied several examples; the children were particularly engaged with the concept of the ‘riddle’ which is at the heart of these works. The children produced poems on animals. This required the children to use all of their senses when describing for the poem.

Maths: This month we have explored many different topics including place-value, addition and subtraction. While learning about place-value we experimented with finding values of numbers, ordering and comparing using our knowledge. We then moved onto addition and learnt about how we can apply our understanding of jottings and partitioning to using a written method. We have just started to continue the children’s learning on subtraction methods.

Art: This has been our topic this month and we have been learning about and producing Islamic Patterns. First, we explored finding and making secondary and tertiary colours. From this we started looking at Islamic patterns their history and how they have become such an iconic feature in the world.

PHSE; we have all enjoyed our “Jigsaw,” scheme of PHSE new to our school this term. We have been studying some quite diverse topics including, making the right decisions and acknowledging the efforts of others, especially those who help us in our school.