Year 3 monthly learning

In literacy during January, we have been using the Moon Man story by Tomi Ungerer. This story has allowed the children to explore how people feel when they arrive in new places and how that person can be viewed by others. The children have done lots of writing around diary entries and drama around people’s actions, motivations and feelings.

During January, we have been learning about place value and multiplication. During our learning around place value, we focused on improving our reasoning skills so that we could explain what we thought. After we finished our place value learning we moved onto multiplication and we have been recovering using the written method to answer multiplication questions and word problems.

In our topic learning this month we have been learning about Vikings and how they lived. We have explored how Vikings lived, what sort of houses they lived in (which we created out of lego) and then we learnt about the Viking raid on Lindisfarne. We used this key moment in Viking history as an opportunity to re-enact the raid.

This month we have been visiting the swimming pool at the Kingfisher leisure centre. The children have enjoyed the opportunity to learn and develop their swimming abilities.