Year 3 monthly learning

During February and March, we have explored the Tin Forest story by Helen Ward. This book looks at an old man’s life. From tidying away rubbish, to building a tin forest from his dreams and then animals appearing in his forest and starting to create a real-life forest which takes over the tin one. Through this text we have explored making predictions about what will happen and also what the old man dreams of. We have also worked on creating diary entries that use a wide range of description and starting to look at the children’s word choices, focusing on using more interesting and exciting words in their writing.

In Maths, we have explored the abstract mathematical concepts of fractions and geometry. In our fraction work, the children learnt to shade fractions of shapes, order fractions based on their size; added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator, and found fractions of numbers using division skills. In geometry, we have learnt to identify a range of line types in the world around us, such as: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, perpendicular and parallel. We explored 2D and 3D shapes to identify their properties and explore symmetry within them.

During our topic learning we have covered both Scratch in ICT and also Judaism in RE. While learning about Scratch the children worked collaboratively to create characters and backgrounds for the game. Then they also started to create the programming for the game so that the children could test and debug the programming. The children really enjoyed this process! Once we had finished our learning around scratch we moved onto RE. While learning about this we have discovered why and how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat and Passover. We did this through drama, drawing and trying some of the food that Jewish people eat and drink during these celebratory periods.

During Spring term, we have been learning to swim once a week at Kingfisher leisure centre, it has been great to see everyone’s confidence grow as we have worked very hard on practicing our skills and some of us have even started to swim without the need for floatation devices.

Book Day
We also this month had a fantastic World Book Day in which we dressed up as our favourite book characters, redecorated our reading corner and had adults visit us to share with us stories that they had made themselves or enjoyed as a child. We also had a visit from the author Bethan Woollvin who did a range of workshops for the children.