In English, we have been reading ‘A Monster Calls,’ by Patrick Ness. We have been looking at making effective vocabulary choices when describing characters and settings and how best to use dialogue to advance the action in a story. The children have written and performed their own play scenes and have developed their understanding of how characters move and speak. The children have been acting out different scenes from the book and have written in role as the different characters.

In Maths, the main focus has revolved around the importance of place value- an integral part of the Year 6 curriculum and a large part of the SATS assessments this academic year. The children have learnt how to read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10,000,000 and determine the value of each digit. Using this knowledge, the children have explored how to round any whole number to a required degree of accuracy and
use negative numbers in context; calculating intervals across zero. This depth of study has enabled the children to solve number and practical problems that involve all of the place value skills covered.

In Science, the children have been learning all about Evolution and Inheritance through a range of practical activities. Working scientifically, the children have learnt to understand how animals and humans inherit characteristics, leading to evolutionary change. Through research, the children investigated how certain animals are suited to their habitats; creating information texts to explain these important characteristics. Furthermore, we explored the work of important scientists such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning to better understand the role of Natural Selection in the survival of species and the importance of the fossilisation process in learning about the past.

In History, Year 6 have begun to explore the Ancient Egyptians - They have learnt the importance of chronology in establishing the time periods of important ancient civilisations. In addition, we studied key aspects of ancient Egyptian lifestyle, summarising our findings. We explored key people from the time period and artefacts which were used at that time to explain the similarities between ancient and modern civilisations. We learnt to understand how evidence can give us different answers about the past; using a range of sources to build a picture of events. We used our growing knowledge to retell the key events of the Tutankhamun discovery.