April/May Learning

With SATs just around the corner, Year 6 have been focusing on consolidating our learning in English and Maths, but taking a cross curricular approach by learning about Ernest Shackleton.

We have been reading about Ernest Shackleton the polar explorer in English, and thinking about how information can be presented in a number of different ways and styles. For example, what writing features might be used in a letter, that wouldn't be used in a non-chronological report and vice versa. The children have been experimenting with using different voices, and thinking about how to make their writing more or less formal.

In Maths we are looking at co-ordinates. Not only are they a useful Mathematical tool, but they come in very handy when using maps to explore and document antarctic regions. It won't be long before we'll all be creating our very own maps of Shackleton's amazing journey.

PE is always great in the Summer term, and Year 6 have been taking full advantage of the lessons to stay fit and healthy. All three classes have been practicing athletics while outside, and developing their own keep fit exercise stations inside.