During October, children have continued to settle into their classrooms and have been making new friends. We have been using different parts of the school in our lessons such as music and drama in the small hall and PE in the large hall. In Maths, children have been learning about patterns – repeating patterns, patterns in nature and patterns all around us. They have also been securing their understanding of number by doing lots of verbal and physical counting practice. During phonics, children have now learnt quite a few sounds and are bravely using these in their writing. We have been learning to sound out words by using our robot arms and sound buttons. We are learning both the sound and the name of the letters. It is important for children to know the sound a letter makes in order to aid their reading.
The classes have been transforming their book corners into exciting learning spaces. Children creatively made resources and decoration to complete them. In Karmel class the children can now ‘hang out with a good book’ in the jungle reading area, and in Oliver class children can ‘sail away with a good book’ in the boat.

Home Learning – Literacy

Encourage your child to use the sounds they already know to play I-Spy
“I spy with my little eye something beginning with the sound c”….

Challenge: can they segment the word that they found. E.g. “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with c…”
“Cat! C-a-t”

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Phonics – Read the real or nonsense word and sort!