During September, children have been settling into their new classrooms and making friends. As part of the settling in process we have been talking about daily school routines, which include going to the large hall for lunch, using the small hall for music sessions and the large playground during play. Children have been learning the Lime Tree Ethos, Healthy Body, Brain and Heart. During circle times children have been thinking about making good choices and ways in which they can interact with others and be a good friend.
Children have just started learning the alphabet sounds during our phonic inputs and using what they know to apply this in their mark making.
The classes have been introduced briefly to their first topic ‘Where in the world am I?’ They have been transforming the role play areas into a travel agents and aeroplane to travel the world.
Home Learning – Numeracy

Encourage your child to hunt for numbers in their environment. Look at house doors, car number plates, bus numbers.

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Recognising numbers and counting.