What we have been up to so far…

The children in Karmel and Oliver have been settling well into our new classrooms and are becoming familiar with the routines. The Reception children have begun Phonics and are fast learning many of the sounds of the alphabet. The children will now start to take 2 reading books home each week on their colour group day (see the inside cover of Reading Record books) and these are to be returned the following week. Please comment in the Reading record books to let us know how they find the stories and what sounds they notice whilst sharing the story with you.

Reading Record picture2

Children are enjoying mark making in all areas of the classroom – both inside and out and we are introducing the children to forming their letters using the pre-cursive script. You can help your child at home to get ready for writing by encouraging fine-motor activities. For example, playing with play dough to strengthen finger muscles, posting pennies into a money box, forming letters in sand or shaving foam.

sand picture2clay2

Please click on the below for more information on your child's learning:

Reception Welcome Booklet 2019

Reception Learning Wheel Autumn 2019

Reception Learning Wheel November 2019

Letter join document