What a start to the new year!

First, we started off the new term with a field visit to the Science Museum to launch our
spring topic with the inquiry question, “How Are Things Made?” Despite the long trek there, we had the best time ever! Our first activity was full of whizzes, pops and bangs, as we set things on fire and created explosions. It was very impressive! We especially enjoyed exploring the Wonder Lab; a gallery full of hands-on and interactive science experiments. We definitely left the museum feeing inspired and motivated to learn more about how the world works!

Bringing Science and DT together, we are currently learning about the water cycle and will be constructing our own terrariums for our outcome. We have had a lot of fun performing different experiments around states of matter, from measuring temperatures to recreating the water cycle in a bowl! We also enjoyed researching different plants, as well as designing our terrariums. We have a good feeling that our actual terrariums will all look very unique and stunning once they’re complete!

For our History topic, we have studied the Romans and their occupation of Britain. It has been quite interesting to see all the changes that they made and all the things they left behind that we can still see today. We also noticed how their gods look strangely familiar with the Ancient Greek gods and we discussed how the Romans expanded their empire throughout Europe and Africa.

In maths, we have been learning about division and everything that has to do with sharing and grouping. We have learnt different methods for answering division questions, including the division bracket method (formerly known as the bus stop method). Did you know that the division symbol is called ‘obelus’?

In literacy, we finished our instruction writing and we have launched into The Power of Reading with a mysterious book. We are watching the story unfold one page at a time, delighting us and exciting us at the same time! We have done role play and we have tried to predict what the story is all about and what might happen next. Stay tuned for more!