For such a short half term, spring sure has been busy for Year 4!
We have continued exploring the world around us and how things are made and we have been putting our skills to good use.

In Literacy, we are reading a mystery book: The London Eye Mystery. It is a story of a disappearing boy under impossible circumstances and we have tons of theories about what might have happened! We are super excited about this and cannot wait to read on! In the meantime, we used the rich dialogue to help us write play scripts in a familiar setting, and we are now preparing to write our own mystery stories in a familiar setting. We have our detective hats on and our magnifying glasses ready!

In Maths, we are wrapping up our fractions unit. We have spent quite a lot of time learning about fractions and practicing our reasoning, and we are starting to use 3 essential things to tackle every challenge: diagrams, numbers and reasoning statements.
We had a super exciting time in Science learning about Sound. Did you know that sound is made from vibrations? We learned a lot about how we hear (3 parts to the ear!) and how sound travels through different mediums. We did lots of experiments to see the vibrations and sound waves and even tested materials for soundproofing!

In Geography, we have been learning about Italy. We explored the physical and human geography of the country and then focused a bit more on its features and main cities. We created our own leaflets for a holiday in Italy and we were very intrigued by the Vatican, a tiny country within the capital city of Rome!

In RE, we have been looking at the story of Easter and its significance to Christians in preparation for the Easter holiday. We role played the different events, looked at the symbols and origin of Easter and researched how Easter is celebrated around the world.
World Book Day was a huge success! Everyone’s costumes were fantastic and the children were very enthusiastic about sharing their favourite books. We also had accomplished author Bethan Woollvin pay a visit to our school! She talked to the children about how she draws her characters and how she writes her stories, inspiring many young minds!

Science Week was mind blowing! We had an astounding Science Assembly where the children learned they can use everyday household items to explore different scientific principles, such as gravity and vacuums! We also performed our own scientific experiments in class, such as blowing up balloons using vinegar and baking soda or creating salt and olive oil lava lamps!
It has been an amazing half term so far and we cannot be more excited to share our next month’s learning with you!