This month we have been focusing our learning around the questions ‘Where in the World am I?’.

In Literacy, we have continued to look at narratives the focus being the story of Beauty and the Beast. We retold the story using body language expression and Pie Corbett actions. Next, we spent time breaking the story up into the opening, build up, problem resolution and ending by using story maps and mountains. Then we created our own story openers which we displayed in the classroom on magic mirror templates. Finally, we wrote our own problems that a main character might face.

In Mathematics, we have been learning all about money. We have spent time becoming familiar with coin values and working out the best ways to make certain values. We had our own class shops, where we took turns to be the shopkeeper and the customer (making sure we were using the correct money to buy our toys).

In Science, we have starting learning about our five senses; touch, feel, taste, smell and sight. We spent time comparing everyone in the class and discussing ways we can tell everyone apart, for example by our eye and hair colour.

In Geography, we have continued to look at the United Kingdom in more detail at Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. We created a page for an autobiography linked to a part of the UK that children have visited or are from.

In Art, we have continued working on our self-portraits. We used mirrors to make sure we drew ourselves as accurately as possible and made sure our eye and hair colour were as close as possible!