In December, children have been getting ready to celebrate Christmas. We have been learning about the Christmas story – making a ‘story map’ to help us retell the events orally. We have also been using the iPads to take videos of our friends talking about ‘Where in the world am I?’ In Literacy children have been using their knowledge of all the sounds learnt so far to write Christmas wish lists to Santa and cards to their family and friends. Children have now learnt many tricky words which they are beginning to read from sight, when sharing books or reading signs and labels around the room.
In Maths, children have been learning to combine two groups of objects and count up to find how many they have altogether. We have been learning to use a variety of strategies to solve these number sentences, such as using number fans, counting on our fingers, learning to ‘jump’ along the number line and use the objects to practically count. We are now getting ready for our Christmas concert and we have worked really hard to remember all the lines to our Christmas songs! We are very excited to perform to our families. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to another fun filled term of learning after the holidays!
Home Learning – Maths

Maths – counting and addition

How many presents can you count under your Christmas tree? Can you count to see how many presents your Mum has, what about your Dad. How many presents are there altogether? How many baubles can you count on the Christmas tree.
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Count, match and order the buttons on the Gingerbread man