Autumn Learning


Year 4 have been learning about the human digestive system and its complex series of organs and glands that process our food. In class, we made a simplified version using a sandwich bag (stomach), tights (intestines) and a couple of biscuits to further understand how food is broken down into smaller molecules for processing, and then excreted as waste. It was quite a messy affair, but lots of fun! Then we made and labelled our main organs to understand their functions for maintaining a healthy body.

As part of our Art learning this term the children have been studying jewelry. For the final project the children designed and created their own piece of jewelry. They used a mixture of salt dough, beads and repurposed parts of costume jewelry to create their pieces. Many children decided to make broaches but some have also made rings, earrings and necklaces too. ‚ÄčIt would seem that we may have some future jewellery designers in Hawking class.