In Year 2 in Literacy we have been learning to retell the story ‘The Leopards Drum’. We have identified repeating language patterns and learnt to expand sentences using noun phrases and subordinate clauses. The children have had a lot of fun thinking of ways to adapt the story for British culture. So far, we have decided to change the instrument and the animals featured in the story.

In maths, the children have been exploring the partitioning of numbers in a variety of ways using practical apparatus and pictorial jottings. We then used this knowledge to start comparing the value of different numbers and digits before decided where to place them on a blank number line.

Home Learning –

Draw a blank number line, mark 0 at the start and 100 at the end. Using your understanding of place value and ordering numbers, can you estimate where the following numbers should be?

34, 78, 90, 50, 2, 25, 89 Web Links –

Practise writing words in the past tense using the –ed suffix. Look out for when the root word changes.

e.g. hop – hopped