In English Year 5 have been acting as investigative journalists as some strange events began to happen around the school. Mick reported half eaten carrots and large dirty foot prints. Whilst Mrs Mellor said she definitely heard jingling bells when she was working late one night. After gathering evidence and interviewing the witnesses, the children were able to write their newspaper reports: “Santa Spotted in Surbiton!”

For Year 5 it’s been time to brush up on reading clocks and understanding calendars. We have looked at different ways of measuring time, from seconds, minutes and hours to days, weeks, months and years. It has been interesting looking at the language of maths and where words come from, such as chronology and decade.

In R.E. children have been learning why Christians celebrate Christmas and discussing their own customs and traditions. We have looked at how food is linked to religious celebrations, as well as religious symbolism in art. Gates class also made fantastic scenes from the Nativity out of Lego.