Is Mankind Limitless?

In Spring 1, Year 5 have really been reaching for the stars! We have based our learning around our School’s ‘Craftsmanship’ theme and we have created some fantastic learning opportunities for them.

In Literacy, we have been writing explanation texts on what it takes to become an NASA trained astronaut. We researched the personal qualities you need, the necessary qualifications and learnt just how tough and challenging the process really is. We then wrote well-structured pieces to engage the reader. We have been really focussing on using relative clauses and modal verbs to advance our writing styles and sentence structure.

In maths, we have been learning about all sorts of special numbers – prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers. The children have worked hard to memorise all the prime numbers up to 19. Can you list them all? Some children have investigated questions such as: Can we make a prime number by adding two square numbers? Other ways extended abstract tasks have been used to challenge our learning includes trying to win a board game by applying their knowledge and understanding of factors and multiples.

In Art, children have learnt about the unhappy life of Vincent Van Gogh who was not recognised for his paintings until after his death. They have seen how his unique style developed throughout his career by working alongside other artists and by studying the work of others he admired. Children have tried to recreate Van Gogh’s technique using oil pastels – not mixing colours, but building up layers using short strokes. Year 5’s have created their own compositions using the theme of ‘Space’ and painted in them in the Dutchman’s unmistakeable style.