In English this month we have been looking at a spooky short story, ‘The Boy in the Boat’. We focussed on getting to know the characters through drama, such as freeze frames and dilemma alley. We spent time acting out scenes from the story so we could get inside the characters head. After finishing the story, we began planning a Sci-Fi narrative that followed the same character and story structure as The Boy in the Boat. The children wrote their own setting descriptions, whether it be in outer space or on a mysterious planet. Additionally, we practised using the skill, ‘Show don’t tell’ to explain their personality through body language. As we were writing the narratives, the children concentrated on developing their grammar skills, such as varying sentence length, embedding clauses and using the comma to make meaning clear to the reader.

In Maths this month children have been making connections between fractions, decimals and percentages. Children have discussed how all three are about ‘wholes’ and ‘parts of’ those wholes. Using Base Ten equipment, decimal counters and pictures, children have been able to develop a strong understanding of this concept. Base Ten is especially good for helping children work out how many thousandths are in one tenth, how many hundredths are in one whole and so on. This work has allowed children to use and build on their understanding of place value and will provide a strong foundation for future work on adding and subtracting fractions and decimals, and finding equivalent fractions.

In Science children have learnt that we have seasons because the earth’s axis it tilted at a 23.5 degree angle, meaning that the southern and northern hemispheres receive different amounts of energy throughout the year. We are currently learning about the moon; its phases, how it affects our seas and how it helped with the creation of our modern day calendar.
It was also our exciting Science Day in honour of National Science Week. Year five children discovered how we see, carried out a test to determine whether they are tetrochromats, learnt about parts of the brain and what those parts do and experimented with chemical change by making slime!

As a continuation of this, we are visiting Surbiton High for a fun-packed workshop, ENERGYLIVE!