Year 3 monthly learning

In literacy during December, we have been using the tale The Wolf’s footprint by Susan Price. This tale which is about two poor children becoming wolves has allowed the children to put themselves into their shoes and write in role as the characters.

During December, we have spent our maths learning time focusing on division in particular using the bus stop written method to divide numbers with and without remainders. We then applied this learning to answering word problems and exploring the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Once we finished our learning on division, we moved on to time and continued the children’s learning around telling the time. We also learnt about Roman numerals and the 24-hr clock.

Christmas Play
A large proportion of our time this month has been devoted to our Christmas performance of How the Grinch stole Christmas. The children have been practising their lines and songs furiously, so that they can give you the best performance possible. Thank you for your support at home with this and for you providing the costumes for the children.

In our topic learning this month we have been learning about the Christian faith and in particular the 7 days of creation.

To round off our History learning on the British explorer Francis Drake, the children had the opportunity to visit his ship the Golden Hinde. He used this ship to sail around the world and in the process became the first British person to complete this feat. The children really enjoyed the trip and found out more about how Tudor sailors and Drake himself lived and worked.