Cherry Class


This month we have continued our work on tuning into sounds around us, identifying familiar sounds in different environments and listening for a specific sound over background noise. As well as singing some new nursery rhymes, we have also enjoyed singing a variety of songs that involve following instructions.
We continue to read a range of stories including some traditional ones, and have revisited our favourites. It has been wonderful seeing an increasing number of children starting to retell these stories in their own words, some of which we’ve managed to capture on tapestry.

Together we spent time looking at our faces and thinking about where we find different features such as eyes, nose and mouth. We looked at how hard it is to match paints with the wide variety of colours that make up our skin, eye and hair colour. We worked with the children to create self-portraits, which look amazing!

The children have been introduced to creating simple patterns using a variety of resources such as colour, numbers, movements and noises. Continuing our work on shape, space and measure, the children were challenged to find ways to sort a variety of objects by colour, size and shape. We then looked for possible ways to sort things during our play. We continue to sing number songs to develop and reinforce reciting numbers from 0 to 10 and beyond.

Home Learning –

When your child is looking in the mirror talk about their eye colour or hair colour. Does anyone else have the same colour or is it slightly different. We will be looking at shoe sizes and people in our families in the coming weeks.

During family activities you could challenge your child to find objects that are the same size, shape, colour or find something else similar about two items. See if your child can spot patterns when you’re out and about, or create their own. Why not practice saying numbers when waiting for something or playing games like hide and seek.

When reading to your child, ask them what might happen next at key points in the story. Ask them if a character is happy or sad, and why that might be. Do they have a favourite story?