Cherry Class


It has been lovely seeing everyone again after our Christmas break and hearing about what they’ve been doing. We have also welcomed new children to Cherry class and they have enjoyed exploring Nursery. The children are becoming ever more independent, developing their own ideas. They are keen to show us how they can put their coats on all by themselves and some are trying to fasten them as well.
With the cold weather we have been able to explore the effects on our environment. The children have enjoyed finding ice, seeing their breath and have made lots of suggestions about the things they’ve seen. We have introduced different programmes on the interactive whiteboard to allow the children to become familiar with a wider range of software. We have been encouraging the children to take pictures of their models using the iPads to further promote the range of uses of electronic devices.
This month we have been tuning into sounds identifying words that rhyme, this has been further supported through nursery rhymes and songs. We have been using the children’s names to tune into initial letter sounds and this has been developed further through activities involving alliteration. Many children are beginning to recognise their names and we continue to practice writing them. We are continuing to develop our listening skills through games and have enjoyed playing instruments exploring what happens when we play them fast, slow, loudly and quietly. The children are enjoying a range of stories, as well as revisiting familiar ones and as a result more children are choosing to retell them in their own words.
We have developed our work on counting further by looking at more, less and one more. We have practiced our counting skills by counting groups of objects arranged in different ways and combining two groups to find a total. The children have revisited pattern making using colours, shapes, actions and words. We have been exploring shapes in our environment and using them in our constructions. We continue to practice reciting numbers to ten and have extended this to twenty. This has been supported through songs and rhymes.
Home Learning –

At this time of year there are many ways to explore the changing seasons. Why not look at how the cold weather causes water to freeze or frost and fog. See if you can spot any signs of spring coming such as snowdrops, daffodils or winter flowers.

When sharing food you could ask your child who has more or less. Whilst counting toys, steps or raisins you could ask your child how many if you had one more. When out and about see what shapes you can notice.

When looking at signs or books point out when you see your child’s initial letter from their name and see if they can spot it. Enjoy favourite books with your child, talk about what the characters are feeling and why.