At this time of year there are lots of different celebrations such as Diwali, Bonfire night, Halloween and of course Christmas approaching. In Apple Class the children have enjoyed finding out about these events, sharing their own experiences and discovering common customs with all of them. We have explored different materials to create firework pictures, spooky spider webs and Christmas trees.
We have also been looking at how things like fireworks make us feel, identifying and naming these feelings. Alongside this we have been talking about how we can manage our feelings by learning to be patient, using words to tell others how we feel and developing strategies for sharing.
The children continue to develop their independence by choosing activities they want to do and are being encouraged to develop their ideas, asking for resources to support this. We continue to support the children with putting on their coats on their own and they have been very successful with this.
In our work on tuning into sounds we have practiced remembering a sequence of noises and have been practicing keeping a beat. Recently we’ve started to look at words that rhyme and we will continue with this in the spring term. During carpet time and children’s activities, we have been using the children’s names to introduce the idea of initial sounds in words. The children are becoming better at recognising their names and sometimes other children. We continue to sing nursery rhymes and read a range of stories revisiting our favourites.
The children have been continuing to develop their counting skills by counting sets of objects and movements. We have also been looking at different ways to represent numerals e.g. 4 dinosaurs, 4 dots on a die, numicon with 4 holes and 4 jewels; and matching numerals to quantities. Through a variety of activities both inside and out, the children have explored the idea of capacity and have been introduced to language such as full, empty, over flowing and half-full. We continue to reinforce the reciting of numbers through number songs to 10 and beyond.
Home Learning –

At this time of year it’s a great opportunity to think about how you and your child celebrate. What sort’s of things do you do – decorations, food, clothes and other activities? Talk to your about the things you do and how these are similar or different to the things other members of your family do.

When out shopping, going up stairs or putting decorations on the tree, you could use this opportunity to count the items in the basket, the steps you’ve climbed or the number of baubles on the tree.

When the children see their name on things e.g. presents, see if they can recognise it. Read rhyming stories or poems; play around with them making mistakes with the rhyme.