Over the past few weeks our focus has been on helping the children become familiar with the nursery routine, their environment and of course each other. We have been playing games to help us learn each other’s names and it has been lovely seeing so many new friendships forming. The children have become much more confidant and are starting to express their ideas on what they would like out in Nursery.

There have been lots of opportunities to practice our listening skills by tuning into sounds around us and playing variations of musical statues. The children have enjoyed singing many nursery rhymes and it has been fun exploring the sounds we can make using our bodies and voices by singing lots of action songs. We have been enjoying a range of books such as mouse paint, which we used to look at mixing primary colours. The children have particularly enjoyed familiar stories, which they like to retell in their own words.

The children have been collecting cars, fruit and bears and other objects, which we have counted to find out how many they’ve got. They have also enjoyed sorting them into collections of things that are similar. We have had fun singing number songs and seeing how high we can count.

Home Learning –

At this time of year, it’s great to go walking in the park or woods and have a look for different types of leaves. You could see if your child can find leaves that are similar shapes, colours and textures. It’s also good fun using them to make pictures.

Why not sing number songs or rhymes? Your child could see how high they can count? How many red cars do they see on the way home? Can they give you six objects from a bigger set?

Why not see how many sounds they can hear and name. What’s the quietest noise they hear or the loudest?