Reception and Nursery Letters

Reception Graduation  -  letter 2nd July 2019

Reception Parent Information for 15th July -  letter 24th June 2019

Reception Sports Day final details -  letter 12th June 2019

Reception Sports' Day June 2019 -  letter 26th April 2019

Reception Storytelling Session and Library visit - letter 26th April 2019

Reception Learning Event date Amendment - letter 18th March 2019

Nursery Easter event Hillcroft (Apple and Cherry) - letter 12th March 2019

Reception Learning Event and Art Workshop - letter 12th March 2019

Nursery Parent Consultation - letter 14th February 2019

Reception costume reminder - letter 11th December 2018

Reception Library trip - letter 22nd November 2018

Reception Maths Workshop - letter 9th November 2018 

Reception Phonics Workshop - letter 9th November 2018

Early Years gate letter - 5th October 2018

Reception Welcome letter - 19th September 2018

Reception Learning Wheel - 19th September 2018

Reception Parent Meeting letter - 19th September 2018

De-activation of Tapestry - letter 7th September 2018


Reception and Nursery Notices

Friday 19th July 2.15pm -  Reception Graduation

Friday 21st June 9.30-11.00am  - Reception Sports' Event

Wednesday 15th May 2.30pm - Reception Storytelling Session

Thursday 23rd May 9.30am -  Karmel and Oliver Library trip

Friday 5th April 8.25am - 11.25am - Apple and Cherry Easter Event

(no afternoon nursery)

Thursday 4th April 2.30pm - Reception Learning Event


Nursery Christmas Events:

Wednesday 19th December 2.30-3.00pm - Cherry

Thursday 20th December 8.45-9.15am - Apple


Reception Christmas Event:

Tuesday 18th December 2.30-3.00pm


Wednesday 28th November - Reception Library trip

Karmel class: 9.15am

Oliver class: 10.00am

Tuesday 27th November 8.50am - Reception Maths Workshop

Tuesday 20th November 8.50am - Reception Phonics Workshop

Wednesday 26th September - Reception welcome meeting 2.45pm