During the current restrictions School Health will be holding drop-in sessions for parents should they wish to discuss any issues:

Primary School parent drop-in session

This page aims to give parents overall information on how the wellbeing and health of children is managed within the school.


PSHE is a school curriculum subject in England which focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep children and young people healthy and safe and to prepare them for life.

Promoting Your Child's Wellbeing and Happiness -  Laughology Parent Guide


RSE in schools covers Relationship Education and Health Education.

Please click on the below link to read the Department for Education guide to:

"Understanding Relationships and Health Education in Primary Schools"

Please click on the below links to read the Lime Tree Parent Consultation on

"Parent Consultation - Relationships and Sex Education/Lime Tree Primary School November 2020"

Sex and Relationships Policy

RSE Policy 


School Health

Please click on the below link to find out the services School Health provide:


If your child has asthma and requires medication for this condition the school will need you to fill out an Asthma Care Plan

Asthma Care Plan Form

If your child has a long term medical condition which requires close monitoring please speak to the school office who can put you in touch with the SENCo to discuss any specific needs. You will need to fill out a Healthcare Plan, specifically if your child requires an epipen:

Healthcare Plan Form

Unfortunately the school in not allowed to administer paracetamol/nurofen to children. If this is required for a specific condition please contact the school office to fill out a Healthcare Plan.

If your child requires antibiotics for a short amount of time we can only give a single dose if the medication is required 4 times a day. Otherwise we ask that you fit around school times.