Physical Education at Lime Tree

The delivery of Physical Education within Lime Tree aims to instil lifelong engagement in sport whilst embedding an understanding of healthy, active lifestyles. We ensure all children develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities by providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

Children from years 1-6 have two hours taught PE a week, this includes one lesson taught in the sports hall and one taught in our outside space. Throughout the school the children are taught a range of range of different activities and sports, these include Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Handball, Netball, Athletics, Catching and throwing skills, Badminton, Health and fitness, Dance, Gymnastics and various team building and Agility, balance and co-ordination lessons.

Swimming Lessons

The school's aim is for all children, by the time they reach Year 6, to swim competently and proficiently over a distance of 25 metres, and to be able to use a range of strokes in order for them to be safe in the water.

Year 4 will take part in swimming lessons at Kingfisher Leisure Centre during the Summer and early Autumn term. The sessions are for 10 weeks and last half an hour. The children are streamed dependant on ability: beginner, intermediate and advanced and assessed by the pool instructor.

Please click on the below link to find out swimming percentages for the current Year 6:

Swimming Information Year 6 2018-2019

Lime Tree regularly compete against other schools within the Kingston Borough, we currently have teams that have represented our school in Panathlon, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Netball, Summer Relays and Rounders, these events are held at local venues.

Year 4 Tennis Tournament

image 216

Year 4 Football Kew FC

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Year 5 & 6 Netball Kingston Grammarimage 889


Year 3 Tennis Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club

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Year 4 Girls' Football 

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 Year 4 and 5 Football Chessington

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