At Lime Tree Primary, English is taught as a stand-alone subject and as part of a topic-based, creative curriculum. We use the ‘Power of Reading’ teaching sequences to deliver English lessons centred around high-quality texts from a range of genres. These texts are explored in depth in order for pupils to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing through a wide range of tasks. We encourage pupils to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, using discussion, drawing, drama and writing to communicate effectively.

Throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Nursery and Reception study the prime area of ‘Communication and Language’, and the specific area of ‘Literacy’ as outlined in the 2012 Early Years National Curriculum. The children also receive daily phonics lessons taught using our own Lime Tree progression that is based on ‘Letters and Sounds’.

In Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils learn to become enthusiastic and critical readers of poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts through the ‘Power of Reading’ teaching. Throughout the school, pupils learn to adapt their writing style, language choices and tone to write for different audiences and purposes. Other key aspects of the English curriculum, including spelling, handwriting and phonics are taught through both discrete lessons and embedded application of the main skills during English lessons.

We want all children to leave Lime Tree able to read fluently, confidently and with good comprehension skills (both when listening and reading). As with all elements of the English curriculum, the teaching of reading is embedded during English lessons and all areas of the curriculum. On top of this, in EY and KS1, children will have daily phonics lessons to support the development of early reading through decoding and word reading skills. In classes from Y1-Y6, children will have a daily whole class reading lesson to explicitly teach the skills needed to become a confident, independent reader. Reading for pleasure is promoted through exposure to wide range of texts to engage children’s interest. We want everyone to develop their own love of reading as part of their lifelong learning journey.

Letter-join website

At Lime Tree we use Letter-join to support the teaching of handwriting.

This website has interactive features that parents can also use to encourage their children with handwriting at home. It allows children to practice pre-selected letters
and the font style used in school and also helps to teach patterns in letter forms and words that can be traced on the screen.

Please click on the below link for details of how to access the website:





Curriculum vision statement for English 2020-2021